Drivers Education

Drivers Education, Driver training We offer driver education classes in all of the states we are currently working in. Depending on your specific state, the amount of classroom and driving lessons will vary based off your state specific laws and regulations when it comes to driver education and their specific state requirements anonymizer odnoklassniki. If you would like to find out more specific information on our driver education program in your state, please go to the "Locations" button on our homepage then click on your state.

When classes get boring, students stop learning. So at All Star we are committed to incorporating fun into the curriculum. Hands-on experiences provide the opportunity for better knowledge, retention and comprehension.

We bring in guest speakers to present information on car maintenance, repairs, and changing a tire. Police officers answer the tough questions, and we are proud to include Tony who speaks from the heart about losing his son to a drunk driver. Our students leave class knowing the danger of using alcohol and drugs, as well as the legal and personal consequences.

It is the close rapport we have with our students that makes us special. Our students are motivated to be great drivers.

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