Learning is FUN!

All STAR basic driver education is always in compliance with the course requirements of the Graduated Driver Licensing program in your state, including the required ratio of classroom to in-car training.

But who says learning can’t be fun? After all, the more you engage and involve a student the smarter they become! We’ve designed our coursework and our classroom activities to be engaging, interesting and even fun for students, through the use of video, games and guest-speakers in addition to instructor lectures. Our classroom instruction is carefully designed to introduce both the physical and intellectual tasks involved in operating a motor vehicle in traffic. We know from experience that when students are bored, students stop learning, so we strive to make All STAR the classroom experience teens look forward to attending.

Each enrolled driver instruction student will receive:

  • Classroom instruction using our proprietary Driving for Life curriculum
  • Our 12-chapter textbook, including activities and tests
  • Behind-the-wheel training and observation
  • The state written test

Free downloads for parents and students of the All STAR smartphone app, another unique All STAR service which allows parents to monitor their teen driver behind the wheel and which provides feedback on driving habits

Specific classroom courses include:

Chapters 1-4

  • Basic vehicle operation
  • Basic driving maneuvers
  • Communication with other drivers
  • Parking and turning maneuvers
  • Traffic laws and signage.
  • Physics of driving including the effect of gravity, load factors, friction and energy in calculating braking distances and other maneuvers

Chapters 5-8

  • “Space management” systems to make safe lane choices, evaluate hazards, determine a safe following distance in traffic
  • Automotive technology like anti-lock brakes etc.
  • Introduction to freeway driving
  • Types of highway interchanges and passing

Chapters 9-12

  • Continue previous chapters
  • Evaluating and dealing with hazards including weather, visibility issues, road conditions, vehicle malfunctions while on the road and other trouble-shooting skills.
  • Two sessions focus on impaired driving, including driving while distracted and controlling one’s emotions behind the wheel
  • Perils and consequences of substance abuse while driving.

Final session:

  • Written exam
  • Preparation for road testing
  • Exclusive session for parents about next step in the graduated driver licensing program.
  • Following graduation, students and their parents will continue to receive our All STAR Driving for Life electronic newsletter, with tips and reminders about safe-driving habits, links to resources for teen motorists and news on topics that affect drivers.

Students who maintain a clean driving record for one year after they obtain their license are eligible for a $10 fuel card as a congratulatory gift from All STAR.

Students who complete basic driver education with All STAR are eligible for a 10-percent discount on advanced skills training including the Skid Monster vehicle control workshop.

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