Benefits For Teen’s Who Take Driver Education Courses In High School

There are many benefits for taking for students to take driver’s education courses in high school. Our company offers many locations throughout the US where student’s can take these classes right at their high school. We offer a variety of schedules and times too. A few of the benefits are:

Learning with peers: Group-based driver education courses provide opportunities that allow students to observe and learn with individuals their own age. It brings together fun, yet educational instruction to keep them safe on the road.

Sense of achievement: These courses can boost teen’s sense of independence and development into adulthood too.

Less infringements and driving violations: Studies have shown by receiving this education at a young age, it helps kids obey the rules of the road. This helps them to avoid receiving tickets and citations, or causing accidents that could’ve been avoided. Traffic violations can be very costly and increase insurance premiums as well.

 Mechanical Knowledge: Most driver education courses will teach teens how to change a tire, how to check/change their oil, and where important car parts are located on the vehicle. This knowledge can help them in emergency situations. These skills can also help save money on car costs/repairs.

 Teens learn from experiences: Studies have shown that teens use the striatum part of the brain, in combination with the hippo-campus, which is associated with memory. Their brains are primed to learn from their experiences at a younger age. The information they are taking in during driver education courses will stick with them through adulthood.

Insurance: Some companies may even offer a discount on insurance for teen driver’s who took driver education courses. Check with your insurance agent and see if you can save.

There are many other benefits with early driver education exposure for teens. Talk with your teen about safe driving practices. Inquire with your local companies today to get enrolled in courses! Happy Driving!

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