Crazy Demand

A new generation of customers enters your market each year. Their desire has been building for years. They NEED to make the purchase, it's just a matter of who from. And with All Star's advantages that who could be you!

A market driven to you
Let’s face it: Almost every person needs to learn how to drive! That means a potential market of anyone aged 15 and up. And every year the largest segment—teens in high school—enters the market again. That’s what we call crazy demand!

All Star answers the call
For generations Driver Education was free, with programs established in every school system. But over the past few years a majority of these programs have fallen victim to drastic budget cuts. A huge market opened up, and All Star was there to capitalize. One of the oldest, most trusted, and popular driving schools around, All Star now contracts with over 100 school systems in 7 states. The time for you to profit from one of America’s fastest growing business niches is now!

More than just high schools
It’s interesting to note that the total market can be broken into a series of groups based on their individual needs and different demographics. All Star has a program for each one. These segments are:

  • Beginning drivers
  • Adult drivers
  • Drivers under court order
  • High schools


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