How We Started

For over 50 years we’ve been graduating STAR Drivers; Safe, Trustworthy, Attentive, Responsible. We believe the art of driving is continually learned as you drive more than...

All Star Way

You’ll drive over 1 million miles in your lifetime, and the All Star Way prepares you for every turn of the wheel. It’s about respecting the power now in your hands and being...


At All Star we've had a long-standing tradition of community involvement. We created several programs to support the communities where we are active and those who have trusted us...


Autobrain allows you to monitor your teen driver directly from your phone or computer. You'll get alerts when your teenager is driving too fast or if they are driving past...

How We Started

A popular Ann Arbor math teacher, William “Pop” Wall, founded the school over 50 years ago.
“Pop” started teaching curriculum that emphasized S.T.A.R driving: Safe,
Trustworthy, Attentive and Responsible on the road.

“Pop” started it all! A popular Ann Arbor math teacher, William “Pop” Wall founded the school over 50 years ago. “Pop” instilled the virtues of being a STAR driver to thousands of students even back then. Pop's son Tom, an educator of special needs children, grew the business even more, eventually registering All Star Driver Education in 1997. Today, Tom's son Brent, with advanced degrees in education and business, continues the company's mission to train STAR drivers with the latest technology, techniques and social media trends.

Educators by trade, the founders of All Star Driver Education know HOW you teach is as important as WHAT you teach. The All Star curriculum motivates young people with games, fun and engaging text books, interactive materials, and lively instructors. They use proprietary technology, techniques, and strict instructional guidelines, standing by each and every one.

Partnered with AutoBrain in all of our fleet vehicles with their “Safe Teen Technology”. Our vehicles are equipped with Autobrain to better serve you and provide the safest possible driver education program!

All Star Way

proprietary Curriculum

Responsibility, Above State Minimum, proprietary textbook, videos and games.

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Quality Instructors

Thorough background checks, All Star U training, certified through the state.

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Modern Fleet

Safest and latest, Autobrain, roadside assistance, Kia Soul selling points

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We stress the importance of never being distracted while driving through our proprietary “NO ZONE” training

No Texting

No Talking

No Bullying

No Drugs

No Alcohol

No Smoking

Ticket Free Guarantee

We continue to create thousands of S.T.A.R drivers through our programs every year, and we're not just saying that. We are prepared to back it up...

We guarantee to cover the cost of an online point avoidance /ticket reduction program for any All Star graduate student that receives a ticket within their first year of getting their driver's license.

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Our core values make us who we are

Customer First

We are committed to putting YOU the customer first, always! Without you, we have nothing. We take great pride in making sure each and every one of our customers are satisfied with are services as our #1 goal is to make each a S.T.A.R (Safe, Trustworthy, Attentive and Responsible) driver!


A culture of discipline is a principle of greatness! We here at All Star focus on three disciplines: disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action. Our collective focused efforts on these disciplines are what drive us daily to a great company!


Successful innovation is about balance and involves connecting traditional, old school driver education with the disruptive “Thinking Outside the Box.”. We try to demonstrate this every single day as we allocate the necessary resources to be an industry leader. We strongly feel that innovation will provide a competitive business advantage and are always implementing components into our culture to provide you, our customer the best driver education program.


All Star has a great company culture that empowers our employees, which is why they love and/or proud of the company they work for. When our employees feel appreciated for their hard work and our leadership team allows them to contribute to the overall goal of the company, our employees will naturally feel proud of their contributions and lead to your unbelievable All Star experience as our customer.


It's not just about driving...

At All Star, we've had a long-standing tradition of community involvement. We have partnered with Big Brother Big Sister,
the Tom Wall Foundation, and other nonprofits to give back to the families who make us who we are.

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All Star Scholarships

Starting in 1997, we took it upon ourselves to create a scholarship program that would support students unable to afford driver's ed.
We believe it's more than just driving, it's about reaching a milestione that will change your life. To this day,
we've had thousands of All Star Scholarship graduates get their license...could you be the next?

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with Autobrain's Safe Teen Technology

  • Car Finder and Location Alerts
  • Speed, Acceleration and Hard Brake Alerts
  • Vehicle Health Alerts
  • And More
  • Driving Score
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Trip Reports

Our cars are equipped with Autobrain to better serve you and provide the safest possible driver education program

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