Private Lessons & Behind The Wheel

Choose the amount of time you need to increase your skill level for a lifetime of safe driving. Remember, you don’t become a STAR driver by getting a driver’s license. You become a STAR driver by spending hours of time practicing in the car with a Certified Professional All Star Driving Instructor.

You are going to drive 1 Million miles in your lifetime. That’s a lot of miles! And that’s why every driver should learn from a professional driving school and not just a friend or family member. Driving is always changing! Example, 10:00 and 2:00 is no longer the correct driving position. Every new model year brings newer, sometimes more confusing technology to learn. Our Private Lessons are tailored to your needs but will focus on:

  • Changing traffic laws
  • Vision and recognition aids
  • Communicating effectively with other drivers
  • Managing on-road emergencies
  • Using auto technology to be a better driver
  • Left-lane driving rules
  • Safe following and braking distance
  • Avoiding road-rage situations

For questions or to register for any of the Private Lesson packages you will need to call our corporate office on Monday – Friday from 8am to 6pm at 1-800-967-7719.


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