Quality Instructors

It’s our All Star instructors that make the difference! We don’t just hire any state certified instructor. Our instructors in addition to meeting all of the state minimum requirements with FBI/state criminal background checks, medical evaluation and state required course work completed satisfactory, go above and beyond. Our instructors must complete our 40 hour All Star U training program before working in one of our vehicles and/or classrooms with our All Star students via our new instructor orientation training full day seminar along with our 30 hour online training program.

We don’t stop there…each All Star instructor is required to complete a professional development course every year, participate in instructor training virtual seminars as well as attend a full day annual training session. All of our instructor’s time and dedication to go above and beyond the basics of being a state certified instructor, is what makes each and every one of them the best in the business and help us deliver our driver education services the All Star WAY!

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