Safety Town

From the first time you take your child for a car ride they begin to mimic your driving habits. Everything they see—every phone call, text, horn honk or quick stop—is a driving behavior you teach.

So we decided to get involved with the Safety Town® Program. Offered by most school districts across the country, this free presentation is offered to parents whose children are starting elementary school and starts with a short yet informative presentation increasing parents' awareness of how their driving routine instill habits in the coming generation. Because educating parents is the first step in creating these future STAR drivers.

Safety Town® Programs also help children of pre-driving age learn the basics of safety and responsibility around automobiles. Elementary classes have guest speakers like local police and firefighters, play fun games and read activity books. Everything is geared towards letting our young people know driving is as serious as it is fun.

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Middle School Orientation
to Wheels

Designed for Middle-school students and parents, you'll begin with an auditorium presentation about how to best prepare your young teen as drivers education time quickly approaches. This includes re-enforcing parents positive driving habits. Then it's out to the parking lot for workshops teaching good safety habits on all wheeled equipment; skateboards, bikes, roller-blades, etc. If possible we happily arrange for exciting guest speakers such as local motorsports professionals.