Skills Course

This special half-day hands-on program designed for those who have a driving permit features exercises in vehicle handling, operation and maintenance. Students learn advanced driving techniques such as over-steer control by experiencing it on a closed course under direct supervision of an All Star instructor. Most importantly, the Skills Course Field Day includes a real-life experience in the danger of impaired and distracted driving. Students graduate understanding more fully how to operate a car under tricky situations that present themselves every day. Space and schedules are limited.

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Program Includes:
  • How acceleration, deceleration, braking and turning affect a vehicles balance
  • Hands-on demonstration in the dangers of cell phome use, texting, eating and other distractions while behind the wheel
  • Load transfer
  • Proper steering and pedal technique during event to control nnnoversteering
  • Recovering from oversteering
  • Fatal-vision goggles that simulate the effects of drunk or drugged driving
  • Learning to sense, understand, and develop a "car feel"
  • Proper visual techniques